About The Show

A look into the alleged exploitation, abuse, and cover-ups at the star-studded Hillsong megachurch founded by Brian Houston, featuring exclusive inside stories.


Episode 1

Welcome Home

Founder Brian Houston has a vision for Hillsong church, but the charisma and A-list connections of pastor Carl Lentz earns the church its iconic status.

Episode 2

Critical Mass

News of scandal and moral indiscretion threatens Hillsong and the explosion of popularity it has enjoyed in the US at the hands of celebrity pastor Carl Lentz.

Episode 3


Founder Brian Houston goes to great lengths to minimise and silence allegations of sexual assault, cult-like tendencies, and child sex crimes against the church.

Episode 4

The Newest Revelations

A wave of explosive new claims and disclosures surrounding Hillsong and founder Brian Houston exposes darker depths to the ongoing controversy.

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