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For people born poor and without many options like Dusty Crum, life can be hard. But if there’s a will there’s a way.

When a business opportunity came his way to hunt invasive snakes in the Everglades, he took it with both hands. In this entertaining series, Dusty and his band of hunters battle with these slithering monsters in bug-infested, alligator-ridden swamps.

They may not have professional training or much in the way of equipment, but they make up for that with courage and determination. This season, a wild python incursion threatens to overtake Florida – and beyond. Can Dusty and his motley crew stop the spread of these intrusive creatures?


Episode 1

Land Of Monsters

Epic snake hunter, Dusty Crum, is on the hunt for one of the five largest species of snakes - the Burmese python. Dusty and the team are ready to wage...

Episode 2

Night Terror

A rival group of snake hunters are creeping into Dusty's area. So, the team decide to go hunting at night time, which is far more dangerous than in the day.

Episode 3

Fists Full Of Snakes

Snake hunter Dusty and his team mount a critical hunt from a swamp buggy before racing south to the python-infested Ten Thousand Islands.

Episode 4

Snakes In The Dark

Dusty leads the team to an abandoned missile factory near the epicentre of the snake epidemic. It could hold the biggest group of pythons in the Everglades.

Episode 5

Enter The Super Snake

Dusty and his team find a frightening new hybrid Python species when they trek deep into the dense Python Pines to prevent the snakes from laying their eggs.

Episode 6

Dusty vs The Monster

When a potentially record-breaking python escapes Dusty's grasp, his obsession to catch it leads him to the most dangerous solo mission of his career.

Episode 7


Dusty continues the fight against Florida's invasive pythons. When the team find new colonies up north, they learn the snakes are adapting to colder weather.

Episode 8

Python Tourniquet

The python invasion threatens to spread beyond Florida. Dusty and the team stave off the attack by holding the line at the Stormwater Treatment Areas.

Episode 9

Bone Valley

Dusty and the team must capture a giant calf-eating snake and venture into an abandoned factory to save upper Florida from invasive pythons.

Episode 10

Choke Point

Dusty treks deep into Florida for his last stand along the python tourniquet. But things don't go as planned when he has to face down a massive python on his...

Episode 11

Killers Down South

To stop the pythons from establishing new breeding colonies, the team hunts in the Florida Keys. And, Dusty tries to recruit the next generation of snake hunters.

Episode 12

Snake Bait

The team targets the islands around Snake Bight Bay, hoping to prevent snakes from destroying southern Florida. Plus, Brittany plans her own hunt for the first time.

Episode 13

Fear At First Bite

Lower temperatures force Dusty and the team to change strategies. Then, a run-in with his old rival throws the team off the trail and disrupts the search.

Episode 14

Snake Hotel

The arrival of winter forces the mating pythons underground. The team targets a network of dangerous tunnels and use a variety of tactics to pull the snakes out.

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