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3rd February



Feb 9


Episode 1

Land Of Monsters

Epic snake hunter, Dusty Crum, is on the hunt for one of the five largest species of snakes - the Burmese python. Dusty and the team are ready to wage...

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Night Terror

A rival group of snake hunters are creeping into Dusty's area. So, the team decide to go hunting at night time, which is far more dangerous than in the day.

Feb 3


Episode 3

Fists Full Of Snakes

Snake hunter Dusty and his team mount a critical hunt from a swamp buggy before racing south to the python-infested Ten Thousand Islands.

Feb 10


Episode 4

Snakes In The Dark

Dusty leads the team to an abandoned missile factory near the epicentre of the snake epidemic. It could hold the biggest group of pythons in the Everglades.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Enter The Super Snake

Dusty and his team find a frightening new hybrid Python species when they trek deep into the dense Python Pines to prevent the snakes from laying their eggs.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Dusty vs The Monster

When a potentially record-breaking python escapes Dusty's grasp, his obsession to catch it leads him to the most dangerous solo mission of his career.