Episode 1

Deadly Connections

In 2013, high school freshman, Shaniesha Forbes, is found murdered on the beach. Through her huge social media presence, detectives try to uncover the truth.

Episode 2

Mother Gone Missing

In 2009, a woman disappears and writes a social media message to say she is leaving. But, her friends and family are sceptical she would leave her children.

Episode 3

Fatal Family Secrets

Pregnant Tiffinie Adams' body is found in a field and it catches the attention of the small town. Police use her social media to reveal the murderer.

Episode 4

Murder Behind Closed Doors

A single mother is found dead at home by her best friend. Detectives then embark on a wild chase involving dangerous and surprising characters.

Episode 5

Ultimate Betrayal

In 2007, parents return home to find blood everywhere and their daughter missing. When police find her body, they use her social media pages to catch the killer.

Episode 6

Death On The Highway

An interior designer loves meeting people on the internet. When he's found dead, police believe one of the online strangers might be the person who killed him.

Episode 7

New Year's Nightmare

On New Year's Eve, a home invasion leads to two murders. Police believe the murderer committed a crime of passion after looking at one victim's social media.

Episode 8

Evil Among Us

In 2015, a man is found violently murdered at home. The police track down the killer and uncover the shocking truth thanks to clues left by the victim online.

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