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13th April


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Veteran miner, Dave Turin, is an expert gold hunter. He has spent years working alongside Todd Hoffman, earning the nickname ‘Dozer Dave’ after relentlessly bulldozing for gold.  Now, as the series returns, he’s embarking on the most ambitious mission yet to strike gold in America’s abandoned mines. This season kicks off on a Colorado lost mine with the highest gold potential ever.

Armed with a brand new wash plant, Dave and the team are determined to win the season – but unwanted attention from the local community threatens to shut down mining before it starts. And, as the operation gets going, Dave faces devastating family news. It’s a season like no other for Team Turin, but one thing is certain: no matter how tough the conditions or how big the gamble, they won’t give up on their quest for gold.


Apr 13



Episode 4

Gold Vault Gamble

Jason takes a huge gamble by opening a new cut. But, when the team is overwhelmed by mishaps, Dave returns to find the team in disarray.

Apr 20



Episode 5

No Country For Gold Men

As the mid-summer Colorado heat bears down on the team, Dave struggles to keep the operation together for another major gold haul.

Apr 27



Episode 6

Let There Be Gold

Dave calls in two experts to help solve his machinery problems. And, a surprise visitor gives the crew advice that could lead them to a big gold haul.

Episode 1

The Million Dollar Claim

When the pandemic puts Dave's Alaskan mining dream on hold, he mobilizes his team to prospect abandoned claims in Arizona, Montana and Colorado.

Episode 1

Mountain Of Gold

Armed with a new washplant, Team Turin starts the season on a Colorado mine with big potential. But attention from the local community threatens to shut it down.

Episode 2

Say A Prayer

Pressure mounts on Jason to locate legendary "main channel" gold. But just as the operation begins firing on all cylinders, Dave faces devastating family news.

Episode 3

The Fifty Ounce Test

With Dave at home for his father's memorial, the team makes a promise to strike big in his honour. Jason must think outside the box to find new gold.

Episode 7

Good Man Down

Dave gives Jesse Goins the opportunity to become a first-time rock truck driver. But all work stops when the crew faces an unimaginable tragedy.

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