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10th March


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Get your weekly dose of gold fever with the return of Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mines. The brand-new series follows expert gold miner Dave Turin helping to resurrect families failing mines. Now, using his expertise and the backing of financiers, he’s on a mission to find gold in a long abandoned mine and turn a profit for the families. Don’t miss out on this new, gold standard season.


Episode 1

Golden Playbook

Dave and his team prepare for a new season of hunting gold. In preparation he looks back at his mining playbook to see what lessons have been learned.

Episode 1

Rocky Mountain Gold

Legendary miner Dave Turin and his crew set out to find a new lost mine in Montana. But disaster strikes on their journey, threatening to end their season.

Episode 2

A Birdseye Brotherhood

As Team Turin closes out Birdseye mine in Montana, they reflect on their strength and bond through one of their most memorable mining seasons ever.

Episode 2

Big Bowl Bet

After a great start, Dave and his crew hit their first problem. A potential flaw with their trommel could end their season before it's even begun.

Episode 3

Vanishing Gold

Dave gambles on a new piece of machinery. Tensions grow when gold goes missing somewhere on the mine, and Jason makes a game-changing discovery.

Episode 3

Episode 3

Veteran gold miner Dave Turin takes a rookie team and examines abandoned mines, looking for places that still have a treasure trove of left-behind gold.

Episode 4

Lost Miner Lockdown

Dave Turin and his team give intimate access into their lives in self-isolation. How are these ambitious gold miners prepping for their next big expedition?

Episode 4

Gold Will Surrender

Dave and his crew are low on morale and behind on their target. He calls in a friend to search for gold at Birdseye while he investigates a mine below...

Episode 5

Back On Gold

Dave and the crew turn their trommel up to double speed to get the most gold from Montana's Birdseye mine. Dirty water and unproductive ground prove problematic.

Episode 6

Boundary Blowout

On the scent of big gold, Turin and his crew test the limits of the landowner's patience when they cut a fence to access ground on his cattle grazing land.

Episode 7

Blue Room Bonanza

Chris makes an incredible discovery that sets the team up on the best gold all season. As winter starts to close in, Dave gets a hot tip that takes him...

Episode 8

All In

It's a race against nature at the Blue Room Cut before winter closes Team Turin out of Montana. But can they overcome their mechanical setbacks?

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