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2nd July


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Families from across America reach out to quarry and mining expert, Dave Turin. He helps to resurrect failing mines, so the owners can search for gold again!


Jul 2



Episode 6

Trial By Water

The team runs two wash plants at the same time, but a water pump malfunctions, turning the cut into muddy soup. Dave turns to a local miner for help.

Jul 5



Episode 7

H2...Oh No

A major Alaskan rainstorm triggers a landslide that threatens Team Turin's camp. Dave has an idea that speeds up production but puts The Roach in a vulnerable position.

Jul 12



Episode 8

The Eagle Has Landed

As Jason battles a flooded cut, Team Turin's latest super weapon, The Eagle, arrives in Alaska. The crew navigates it across the river by creating a mobile dam.

Episode 1

Turin's Gamble

The team divides in the remote Idaho Rockies. Then, already behind schedule, Dave is forced to make a bet that can make or break the season.

Episode 2

Ends Of The Earth

Dave gets a lead on a remote claim in North-eastern Alaska, said to produce major nuggets. The team hope to surprise him with a successful prospect in Montana.

Episode 3

Valley Of The Glacier Gold

A lead in Montana keeps the crew's mining hopes alive in the lower 48. A Hail Mary prospect in Alaska becomes Dave's most promising ever.

Episode 4

Alaskan Hope

Team Turin arrives in Alaska to mine their new Glacier Creek claim. The crew grapples with aging machinery as rookie Andrew gets his first taste of gold mining.

Episode 5

Double Trouble

Dave brings his high-tech wash plant The Roach into the fight to increase production. But the crew faces two new dangerous foes: flood and mud.

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