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Car fanatic Nate Boyer invests in other people’s flips at The Doghouse. He and his talented team offer their expertise and lend out their garage space to hobbyists and auto mechanics.


Episode 2

Welcome To The Doghouse

Ready to take a risk for a bigger payoff, Nate bets on a guy with a '67 Belvedere. But does this gamble have the gas to help his Doghouse dream...

Episode 3

A Dog Flees

Missouri-native Chris joins the dog-house to rebuild a '70 Chevy C-10, with a pal. But when his buddy splits Chris and Nate are under pressure to get the job done.

Episode 4

Old Dog, New Truck

Nate sees dollar signs when Fabian and Amy surprise him with a 1948 bread truck to flip. But mechanical problems and a strict time limit increase the pressure.

Episode 5

Every Dog Has His Honcho

Long-time renter Pat is ready to become a partner at the Doghouse. He finds a cool but complicated 1980 Jeep Honcho flip that will definitely turn heads.

Episode 6

Six Figure Dog: Part 1

Shane's dreams for his 1957 Chevy 210 Wagon are put on hold when the rusted car falls apart in the Doghouse. And, Nate takes a gamble in the hopes of...

Episode 7

Six Figure Dog: Part 2

Shane returns to offer Nate a 50/50 partnership on a rare 1956 Chevy Nomad. It's a big investment of both time and money - but will their work pay off?

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