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6th July


About The Show

Legendary custom auto shop, Galpin Auto Sports, opens its doors to reveal all the behind-the-scenes action on their builds in this high-energy series.

From historic restorations to futuristic builds and fixing up barn finds, the team are working on a century’s worth of cars under one roof. Each episode follows Beau, Dave and “Mad” Mike as they uncover historic and unique cars to rebuild and reintroduce back into the automotive history books. Along the way, they find the people, parts and places that made the historic build significant in the first place.

After finishing each project, the team put the cars to the test; they submit their builds to the biggest competitions, challenge the vehicles on the toughest tracks and introduce the world to some of the craziest assortment of cars ever made. For the guys at Galpin Auto Sports, it’s their mission to save automotive history and rescue cars from oblivion.


Jul 6



Episode 1

Shelby's Secret Project

Beau Boeckmann and the Galpin Crew resurrect a Pantera hot-rodded by Carroll Shelby for a secret project. A famous client picks up his restored '68 Charger.

Jul 13



Episode 2

Details Details Details

Dave Shuten gets his chance to become hot rod royalty by competing at the Grand National Roadster Show. And, the Galpin finish a '32 Ford Roaster Pickup.