Episode 1

Trial By Fire

A home erupted in flames on a freezing January night, killing one person and injuring another. But what caused this tragedy to occur?

Episode 2

Marked For Life

In 1957 a man committed a number of crimes in one night. 50 years later with new and improved technology, police were able to prove their case.

Episode 3

Plastic Puzzle

Broken shards from a headlight become crucial evidence in the hit-and-run death of a Michigan cyclist. How did forensics help to bring the driver to justice?

Episode 4

Up In Smoke

An arson that resulted in the death of an elderly couple is examined. A range of forensics and computer animation are used to solve this case.

Episode 5

Soiled Plan

Police instigated an intense search when the mother of two children went missing and, less than a day later, they found her body. How did forensics help detectives?

Episode 6


Some skeletal remains and a single red hair of a woman are found in a remote area. Investigators use forensic science to identify the victim and killer.

Episode 7

One For The Road

Learn how a video and GPS helped to solve the case of a missing woman who disappeared whilst heading to Florida on holiday.

Episode 8

Army Of Evidence

A mother of two young children was found dead in her bedroom. But how did forensics help detectives catch the person responsible?

Episode 9

Shear Luck

The murder of an Air Force sergeant's wife, whose body was found on a Philippines air base, is examined. How did forensics help solve the case?

Episode 10

Tagging A Suspect

The explosion of a pickup truck, which killed the driver and injured a passenger is investigated. But how did forensics help cops catch the person responsible?

Episode 11

Strong Impressions

The wife of an Air Force officer was found dead in her bed, with a plastic laundry bag near her face. How did forensics piece together limited evidence?

Episode 13

Crash Course

A highway patrolman responds to a night-time traffic accident, thinking it's just another car crash - until the dawn of a new day sheds a whole new light.

Episode 14

A Leg Up On Crime

The decomposed body of a young woman is discovered in a canal. Police find a shoe print at the crime scene - which will lead them to the most unlikely...

Episode 16

Deadly Valentine

Will blood spatters help solve a case which may not be what it appears to be? Find out how forensics pieced together the evidence to crack this case.

Episode 17

Picture This

When a grounded teenager disappears from her California home, police suspect that she is a runaway until her body is found several days later.

Episode 18

Oily In The Morning

After an 18-year old vanishes and his car is found submerged, police use crash-test forensics, insurance policies and motor oil to determine the killer.

Episode 20

Four on the Floor

A Navajo woman is found dead in a remote desert area in New Mexico. She had suffered blunt force trauma to the head from a sledgehammer- but who would do...

Episode 21

Writer's Block

A brilliant young architect became ill and died just before she was to testify in a criminal trial. Find out how forensics used the evidence to crack this case.

Episode 22

A Clean Getaway

An employee of a dry-cleaning shop is found murdered. Investigators find eyewitnesses, but their description doesn't come close to resembling the prime suspect.

Episode 23

Prints Among Thieves

Police and investigators use forensic techniques to solve the murder of an eccentric millionaire who flaunted his wealth and cared little for personal security.

Episode 25

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Police suspect an act of revenge when a bomb explodes in the family home of a witness who testified against two men convicted of shooting a passenger.

Episode 26

Cop Out

A college student is found dead, and the evidence suggests he knew his killer. Can three hairs and some microscopic cells help police to find the motive for murder?

Episode 28

Naughty Or Nice

A woman is killed in what appears to be a road accident. But footprints around the vehicle lead investigators to suspect foul play.

Episode 29

Elemental Clue

When two women from the same town are murdered in the same way, police fear a serial killer is on the loose. But tiny clues link both cases to the...

Episode 30

Moss, Not Grass

A young woman is found dead on a golf course in the Bahamas. The grass on the course is so distinctive that its evidentiary value leads the police to two...

Episode 31

Material Witness

A teenager goes missing after an evening of horseback riding. Her body is found a month later, with tiny but unmistakable clues that point to her killer.

Episode 32

Garden Of Evil

When a popular DJ is found murdered in a local garden, the cops race to find answers. With no other leads police turn to a blood spatter expert.

Episode 34

Penchant For Poison

When three seemingly unrelated deaths spark the suspicions of the police, forensic officers attempt to find a common link between all three cases.

Episode 35

Bump In The Night

A victim is brutally murdered in his own bed. There are no foreign fingerprints in his home, but investigators find a shoe impression in the mud outside.

Episode 37

Murder On The Menu

When the head chef of a historic Philadelphia restaurant is found dead, investigators interview the usual suspects and uncover a chilling tale of debt and deceit.

Episode 38

Hot On The Trail

A serial arsonist is on the loose in Washington, DC. The perpetrator is careful but there are clues in the ashes that will lead forensic scientists to the man.

Episode 40

To The Viktor

Forensic officers assist police to discover whether the deaths of three individuals on separate continents were caused by the same killer.

Episode 41

Wired For Disaster

Forensic officers assist their police counterparts to recreate a bomb, which led to the death of a woman, to see if they can catch her killer.

Episode 42

Wood-Be Killer

Forensic officers use a brand-new technique to catch a killer who attempted to conceal his tracks by incinerating the evidence.

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