About The Show

Examining the shocking cases where perpetrators have tried to feign innocence, deceiving the police and the public on missing persons and murder crimes they committed.


Episode 1

The Grenfell Conman

A man says he survived the Grenfell fire and that his wife and son were among the victims. After he claims £12,500 and appears on TV, police become suspicious.

Episode 2

Jeremy Bamber

In 1985, Jeremy Bamber shot his parents, his sister and her twin sons. He protested his innocence - what do his messages from prison reveal?

Episode 3

Carl Beech

One man's claims about a VIP paedophile ring threatened to destroy the reputations of some of Britain's most powerful people. But, was he telling the truth?

Episode 4

Christopher Halliwell

Christopher Halliwell is known to have killed two young women - is he responsible for more unsolved disappearances? Experts analyse his police interviews.

Episode 5

Neil Entwistle

A young father returns to England after his wife and baby daughter are found shot dead at their US home. What really happened? Experts analyse his behaviour.

Episode 6

Aram Kurd

Why was Aram Kurd the only person to survive an explosion at his supermarket that killed five people? Experts identify his deception in TV and police interviews.

Episode 7

Craig Savage

Craig Savage claims he never intended to kill his estranged wife and her mother and that his gun had gone off by accident. His body language tells a different story.

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