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An aggressive family moves into a neighbourhood and begin to cause issues. But when an elderly woman is found dead, will the new family be the prime suspects?


Episode 1

She Was A Good One

Dolores and Maria have a sibling rivalry that spirals when the family moves to Las Vegas. As their feud spreads to the next generation, it ends in bloodshed.

Episode 2

Don't Turn On Me

The Fuss family believes all their dreams are coming true - but soon sibling rivalry spirals out of control and ultimately leads to death.

Episode 3

A Mother's Fight

An optometrist and his wife have a dream life with their beautiful daughters, but after their marriage fails, it becomes a nightmare - with a violent outcome.

Episode 4

Sweet As Poison

A small-town girl's life turns to misery when her extended family moves in. When she goes missing they wonder if she left for a new life. Is the reality far...

Episode 5

Like Father, Like Sons

The Woodman family has everything, but when greed and jealousy threaten their lavish lifestyle, a vicious plot unfolds to reveal an evil seeking vengeance.

Episode 6

Bound By Blood

The tight-knit George family is ripped apart when tragedy strikes someone they love and the investigators' suspicions fall on the family's two brothers.

Episode 7

The American Nightmare

The Suh family's American dream soon becomes a nightmare as they spiral into turmoil and find out the road to riches is paved with betrayal and blood.

Episode 8

Never Forgive Never Forget

Ed and Minnie Maurin believe in kindness above all else. But when evil strikes the sweet couple, a small town is plunged into a terrifying mystery.

Episode 9

To Lose Is A Sin

For one Michigan family, winning isn't everything - it's the only thing. When the competition heats up their small town comes face to face with pure evil.

Episode 10

For Sale By Owner

Georgia neighbours Kay and Becky are inseparable, working and raising their kids together. But closeness leads to trouble when scandal and murder rock their town.

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