Episode 1

A Family Torn Apart

Flora returns to Colorado City to help single mother Lenora to escape the FLDS with her six kids. While Lenora is prepared to leave, her kids have other plans.

Episode 2

Fighting for Freedom

Flora risks her life to help Ruth, who has reported instances of abuse within the FLDS. Now a known whistleblower, Ruth's life could be in real danger.

Episode 3

Exiled and Lost

Flora's husband Brandon thinks that the FLDS is behind the recent disappearance of his sister Brenda. The couple also search for Edwin, another ex-FLDS member.

Episode 4

The Underground City

Flora suspects that the FLDS is building an underground city for the 'end of days.' She also learns that her father has promised her sister to an older man.

Episode 5

The Unwanted

When his parents kick him out for disobeying FLDS laws, Taylor has nowhere to go. Plus, Flora contacts her sister after learning her nieces and nephews are in danger.

Episode 6

The Past Is Never Far Behind

Flora's younger sister Ruby has left the FLDS, but past memories consume. Meanwhile, a court case emerges that may force Ruby to return to Colorado City.

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