Episode 1


Deon's OCD flares up as Karen's new passion adds clutter to their already cramped house. The children rebel when the Derricos introduce 'screen-free summer'.

Episode 2

We Didn't Start The Fire

An unexpected crisis turns the family's world upside down. The twins start up a business to make scooter money. Deon receives a life changing phone call.

Episode 3

Apple Bottom Genes

As Karen stresses over her upcoming business launch, Darian struggles with her skin condition. Deon attempts to teach the five kids to ride bikes at one time.

Episode 4

Bad Mama Jama

Deon's determined to lose some weight whilst GG goes on her long-awaited date. When Dawsyn gets an evaluation, the Derricos are faced with a difficult decision.

Episode 5

Detroit State Of Mind

The Derricos visit Deon's hometown. Plus, GG braces for her chemo treatments, and the family prepares to reunite with the newest member of their family.

Episode 6

Ain't Nuthin' But A She Thing

The Quints can't agree on what to do for their birthday. GG faces her first traditional chemo session, but a home disaster complicates everything.

Episode 7

Mo Donuts, Mo Problems

Darian gets a job at a doughnut shop. Plus, the Derricos hold a fundraiser for the family of Dawsyn's heart donor, and GG struggles as she battles chemo.

Episode 8

Let's Stay Together

Deon attempts to teach the Quints the importance of chores. Plus, the family shows Eric all the love on his birthday, and the new home search ramps up.

Episode 9

Let's Talk About Camping Baby

The Derricos brave the wild when they reluctantly embark on a camping trip. Deon and Karen talk to the children about the birds and the bees.

Episode 10

We Are Family

The Derricos deal with multiple issues as they prepare the perfect Thanksgiving. Plus, GG anxiously awaits her final scan results to find out if the tumour is gone.

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