Episode 1

Snapped In Two

In January 1998, a Cypriot-registered bulk carrier sank. The incident left 12 people dead, but what really happened and could the crisis be linked to other disasters?

Episode 2

Ignition Point

Dedicated investigators examine why a chemical tanker exploded. They look at the chain of circumstances that caused a maritime disaster.

Episode 3

Fire In The Hold

Dedicated investigators and experts examine the explosion in the port of New Orleans in 2012. What happened and how did it impact the global shipping industry?

Episode 4

Destination Unknown

The Bering Sea is notoriously dangerous and in 2017 a crabbing vessel mysteriously vanished. Dedicated investigators and experts explain what happened.

Episode 5


In 1987, a modern ferry capsizes whilst traversing the English Channel. Investigators and experts explain how the incident caused 193 deaths.

Episode 6

Towed Under

In 2007 on the River Clyde, Scotland, a bulk carrier is assisted by a tugboat. Dedicated investigators explain how the journey went wrong, leaving three men dead.

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