Episode 1

Celebrity Sexpert

Sex therapist Amie Hardwick had the beauty and brains to charm Hollywood. But, when one star rises, another's deadly obsession is never far behind.

Episode 2

Man Of Anarchy

Johnny Lewis has everything any young actor could ever dream of. But, not even a spot on Hollywood's A-List could keep him from the most terrifying role of his life.

Episode 3

For The Love Of Drama

Adea Shabani crossed oceans to pursue her Hollywood dreams. When she suddenly goes missing, investigators pray she won't become one of the city's lost angels.

Episode 4

Behind The Screen

Singer Christina Grimmie became an international superstar after performing on 'The Voice'. But one fan's obsession would bring her dreams to a tragic end.

Episode 5

Life Imitates Art

Lloyd Avery portrayed one of Hollywood's most memorable on-screen killers. But when the troubled actor reprises his most famous role, the consequences are deadly.

Episode 6

The Killing Game

Aspiring model Catherine Martinez falls for a pop star she believes to be her ticket to stardom. However, a Hollywood dream soon becomes a real-life nightmare.

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