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25th January


About The Show

Treasure hunter Darrell Miklos attempts to decode and follow the ‘treasure map’ created by his boyhood idol, former NASA astronaut Gordon ‘Gordo’ Cooper.


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Episode 1

500 Million Dollar List

Last season, Miklos located a shipwreck tied to Christopher Columbus using Cooper's intel. Now, Miklos has 8 weeks of cash left to find another shipwreck.

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Episode 2

Hunt For The Gold Table

After discovering a 1700s-era cannon Darrell seeks the ship's origin. A letter in Gordon's files details a 16th century wreck connected to Sir Francis Drake.

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Episode 3

Wreck In The Shallows

Darrell heads to a shipwreck linked to Gordo's list. He leads his team to the shallows where the tough winds and waves have claimed centuries worth of ships.

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Episode 4

Treasure And Tragedy

After finding evidence of a 1700s-era lifeboat near shore, Darrell and the team discover the shipwreck it came from. But a sudden tragedy hits the expedition.

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Episode 5

Dragon's Teeth

Darrell focuses on a multi-million-dollar wreck tied to Sir Francis Drake. He and his team race to locate a treacherous area identified on the map as Dragon's Teeth.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Island Of Fortune

Darrell and the team head to a mysterious island where they discover valuable clues that lead them closer in the hunt to a 500-year-old shipwreck.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Into The Storm

A dangerous storm threatens to shut down the operation just as Darrell and team discover gold ore in the remains of an old wreck.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Striking Gold

Leading to one of the richest finds in Darrell's career, the team discovers ornate artefacts that indicate the location of a 16th century captain's quarters.