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Discover the truth behind one of society’s most clandestine institutions. Hidden within these bordellos are secrets about famous patrons, governments, and even religion.


Episode 1


Gold is one of the most valuable treasures on Earth. Since ancient times, man has gone to extreme lengths to get it. But where is most of the gold today,...

Episode 2

Secret Prisons

A secret part of history has remained hidden, locked away for centuries in the hulls of ships in New York or in the depths of an abandoned copper mine.

Episode 3

The Vatican

The Vatican protects its reputation and the members of its ranks with fierce abandon. But the scandals throughout its history are some of the darkest in all of history.

Episode 4

Pearl Harbor

December 7th, 1941 - a day of infamy that changed America forever. But was the attack really a surprise? What did Franklin Roosevelt know about the attack beforehand?

Episode 5

Code Wars

American code breakers have given them an edge in many conflicts. Now, code breakers work in the murky world of cyberspace to stop terrorists before they can strike.

Episode 6

Civil War

Throughout the American civil war, victory on the battlefield was often decided not by strategy and bravery alone, but also by secret information coming from the shadows.

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