Episode 1

An Inconvenient Romance

A shotgun blast in the woods brings an Oregon love triangle to a deadly end. Jail phone calls suggest that the killer may not have acted alone.

Episode 2

Jealousy's Killer Web

When a woman is found dead in front of her boyfriend's home in Michigan, all evidence seems to point to the boyfriend. But detectives uncover more suspects.

Episode 3

Witness Beware

A Florida man's wife goes missing, but a grainy videotape may reveal her grisly fate. The killer's jailhouse phone calls threaten to widen the circle of fatalities.

Episode 4

Murder Strikes Twice

A man's first wife died in an apparent burglary and years later, his second wife is killed. Police must determine if it's just a terrible coincidence.

Episode 5

The Real Jail Wives

Two middle class mums both tried to kill their husbands. Jail calls between the two reveal their thoughts on love, men and what landed them in prison.

Episode 6

Calling All Suspects

Newlyweds Tony and Melinda are executed. Jail calls during Tony's previous incarceration yield many suspects, including men in love with Melinda.

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