Episode 1

Murdered By Manipulation

When a ranch hand is found dead in a river outside of Salt Lake City, investigators across two states must work together to catch the killer.

Episode 2

Killing The Competition

Fishermen find a 27-year-old man shot to death on a river embankment. A jailhouse call leads investigators to a twisted love triangle that ended in murder.

Episode 3

The Covid Killer

In 2020, Gretchen Anthony disappeared after being diagnosed with COVID-19. Investigators rely on recorded jailhouse phone calls to unravel the mystery.

Episode 4

My Brother's The Killer

When the truth of a 10-year-old murder case finally comes to light, the revelation stuns the family, the community, and the investigators.

Episode 5

Exposing The Cover Up

When a former crime reporter is found murdered inside his home, investigators suspect his spouse, until intercepted jailhouse calls reveal the true killer.

Episode 6

Killer Identity

When a young mother of three vanishes on Mother's Day, police race to find her. The search grips the entire community, but no one is ready for what it will...

Episode 7

Connections To Murder

An unknown killer murders a couple. DNA links an unexpected suspect to the crime, and investigators must rely on recorded jailhouse phone calls for evidence.

Episode 8

Death By Prima Donna

In December 2001, the brutal murder of Robert Fingerhut spurs an investigation that reveals a sordid relationship of lust, lies and murder.

Episode 9

Flames Of Jealousy

A burning body is found smouldering along a road. An investigation uncovers three suspects, but jailhouse calls from Weld County Jail reveal the true killer.

Episode 10

Secrets Are Never Innocent

Sixteen-year-old Mujey Dumbuya turns up dead four days after leaving to go to school. Police are stumped until jailhouse calls provide clues.

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