Episode 1

Malaysian Parasite

Emily is in Malaysia when she finds a lump by her elbow - is it a parasite? Kaffy hopes treatment for malaria won't affect her pregnancy.

Episode 2

Flesh Nest

David Lalloo treats a deadly snake bite in the heart of Hull and battles a parasitic worm. Plus, why do some parasites lay eggs in human flesh?

Episode 3

Cambodian Nightmare

Graeme cuts short a dream trip to Cambodia after being stung by a scorpion. Plus, Katherine fights antibiotic-resistant parasites.

Episode 4

Shoo Fly

Has Ken been bitten by a venomous spider, or is he carrying the deadly leishmaniasis parasite? And, Catherine has tumbu fly maggots in her skin.

Episode 5

Sub-Saharan Resistance

Wendy is in trouble when a sub-Saharan parasitic bug resists antibiotic treatment. Plus, what is causing Ryan's aggressive fever?

Episode 6

Maggots, Snakes And Malaria

Rochelle has maggots in her ears - can doctors remove them? Meanwhile, Nigel is treated for a snake bite, and Terence has malaria.

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