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Coming Soon

Episode 1

Mirror In The Basement

When the Cravens bring in handyman Rusty McIntire to remodel their basement, it sets off a chain of events that razes their marriage to the ground.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

Lust for Death

Ron Hiiri is a ladies' man living the good life in upscale Connecticut. But a new girlfriend and a stock market crash send his life out of control.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Gold, Guns & God

Allen Keith is a small-town preacher who also runs a pawn shop, frequented by gun dealers. But it's a far cry from the pulpit, and soon a killer is on...

Coming Soon

Episode 4

In-Law, Outlaw

A real estate agent gives in to his wife's wish that her mother moves into their home. But what begins as a compassionate gesture turns into a bitter war of...

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Right-Hand Con-Man

Everyone wants a part of Ken Germain's property business, including partner, Colin Collea. But tensions rise as employees begin to suspect it's just a scam.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Suburban Nightmare

When a group of teens befriend an older, rougher young man, they hope for thrills and cash. What they don't expect is a vicious murder that shocks the whole town.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Landlord

Karen Jenkins lives in a rough area, but is determined to help her neighbourhood. But each of her neighbours seem to have something to hide.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Brother Vs. Brother

Brothers Edwin and Andy Hawes run a successful landscaping business, but differences of opinion lead to allegations of embezzlement and finally violence.

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Collateral Damage

Two friends form a financial partnership to make money. But when one partner's gun collection is used as collateral, it leads to a bizarre and grizzly murder.