Episode 1

Battle Of Bull Run

July 1861. In one of the first battles of the civil war, poorly trained Union and Confederate troops clash on the banks of the Bull Run River.

Episode 2

Battle Of Antietam

September 1862. After a string of victories in Virginia, General Robert E. Lee brings his Army north in an attempt to end the Civil War.

Episode 3

Battle Of Fredericksburg

December 1862. Following the Union win at Antietam, Federal forces clash with a massive Rebel army in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Episode 4

Battle Of Gettysburg

July 1863. Yankee Sharpshooters attempt to stop Robert E. Lee's shock troops from flanking the Union line at the battle of Gettysburg.

Episode 5

Battle Of Nashville

December 1864. In an attempt to regain the upper hand, Confederate forces try to take the city of Nashville to sever the supply line.

Episode 6

Battle Of Petersburg

April 1865. The Union invasion of the south has ground to a halt at the seemingly impregnable ring of trenches built around Petersburg, Virginia.

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