About The Show

Award-winning photographers, Jonathan and Angela Scott Marsh, have followed a pride of lions in the Maasai Mara National Reserve in Kenya for over 40 years, as well as the leopards and cheetahs of the area.

They have watched generations of these magnificent animals fight, play and age to adulthood through the good times and the bad. Now, with the latest camera technology and techniques, this series witnesses the day to day lives of these incredible creatures as never before. Their struggle to grow, survive and give birth to the next generation is all captured on camera, revealing the real-life drama of these iconic big cats.


Episode 1

Kingdom Of Predators

A dispersed Marsh Pride faces weakened protection from the six male warrior lions. Plus, a cheetah works tirelessly to raise her three new cubs.

Episode 2

Stripes Vs Spots

Jonathan discovers the secretive den site of Dada the lioness' newborn cubs. Meanwhile, Olare, the leopard, displays a rarely seen mating ritual.

Episode 3

Peril On The Horizon

Chongo is unwilling to share buffalo with the rest of the pride and Fig continues to give vital lessons to the young cub and a cheetah and hyena battle.

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