Episode 1

Rebirth In The Mara

Jonathan Scott introduces the new generation of the Marsh pride of lions, and catches up with the cheetahs and leopards of the Maasai Mara Reserve in Kenya.

Episode 2

Danger In The Long Grass

It's mating season for the Marsh Pride of lions, and Askari has his eye on Cloudy Eye. Cheetah Malaika is hunting for wildebeest so she can feed her cubs.

Episode 3

Battle On The Plains

Bahati the leopard struggles to protect her cubs from baboons and lions. Meanwhile, the arrival of six nomad male lions puts the entire Marsh Pride at risk.

Episode 4

Faces From The Shadows

After a few months away, the team returns during the migration of the wildebeest. The Marsh Pride are missing after a skirmish with the six nomad male lions.

Episode 5

Survivors Of The Savanna

Jackson observes a group of five cheetahs cooperatively hunting. Meanwhile, Jonathan witnesses a spectacular river crossing of thousands of wildebeest.