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Tuesday 16th July at 8:00 am


About The Show

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create stunning, modern homes.


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Episode 1

The Cabin In The Quarry

The team float down the Ohio River and land in Kentucky, where they try to save a cabin in a quarry. The cabin is in rough shape: can they rescue...

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Episode 2

Hitting The Barnwood Jackpot

Mark's client wants to use the wood from an enormous Pennsylvania barn to outfit his Arizona restaurant. It's a big job in the middle of a heat wave.

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Episode 3

Complicated Carriage House

The team pull into Pennsylvania, ready to take down and move a historic carriage house. They find many treasures in the 150-year-old pioneer garage.

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Episode 4

Beefy Bank-Barn Beams

Mark and the team return to Schuylkill County, where they stripped a massive bank barn earlier this year. They've come back for the incredible chestnut beams.

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Episode 5

Island Fishing Cabin

The team take the logs from last year's Bird's-Eye Barn and put them back together on a West Virginia island, turning it into a modern fishing cabin.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Log Cabin Dream Come True

Tammy and her late husband dreamed of running a craft store in a log cabin. The team are helping Tammy and her son see that dream become a reality.

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Episode 7

Log Kitchen Drop In

The team head to North Carolina, to build an antique log cabin in the middle of a huge, framed-out modern home. Old wood meets new on this complicated job.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Bristol Tobacco Barn

Mark buys a huge tobacco barn with an incredible log structure inside. He wants to turn the logs into a cabin, so the team must unwrap the barn layer by...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Barn Beam Log Cabin Experiment

Mark's clients want big antique log homes, but the pioneers didn't build that large. So, the team improvise using old log barn beams.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Rebuilding After The Flood

Not far from home, the town of White Sulphur Springs was devastated by a recent flood. Mark and the team step up to help their neighbour rebuild.

8:00 am

16 Jul


Episode 11

West Virginia Legacy Cabin

Mark and the crew get a strong dose of family history in Leivasy, West Virginia, where they work on saving the O'Dell family's hand-hewn log home.

8:00 am

17 Jul


Episode 12

Building Fort Barnwood

Mark challenges the crew to build a log fort on the Boneyard. They use spare logs and some serious knowledge to construct a pioneer cantilevered fort.

8:00 am

18 Jul


Episode 13

Barnwood Showroom Transformation

The team find themselves in unfamiliar territory as they transform a nearby office space into a showroom for their business using barnwood.