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26th January


About The Show

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create stunning, modern homes.


Feb 1


Episode 1

Old-School Takedown

The team turn to the old method of using ropes to take down a log cabin in Harrisville, West Virginia. Later, they shop at the oldest five-and-dime in America.

Feb 2


Episode 2

High-End Timber Frame Kitchen

Mark and the crew build a timber frame kitchen that will be the centrepiece of a high-end mountain retreat in Brevard, North Carolina.

Feb 3


Episode 3

Adapt And Overcome

The team never give up on a log cabin, but they're sorely tested by this one. The team have to find creative ways of pulling the cabin apart to preserve...

Feb 4


Episode 4

Hope Rises

The team join the flood recovery efforts in their hometown of White Sulphur Springs by building a timber frame pavilion as the centrepiece of a memorial park.

Feb 5


Episode 5

Picture-Perfect Cabin

The O'Dell Cabin finds a home in Texas to match a client's favourite painting. While on the job, Mark visits an original pioneer cabin.

Feb 6


Episode 6

Cowboy Party Barn

Mark and the guys return to Texas to build a gigantic party barn out of an old timber frame. They use old-fashioned tools to retrofit the barn for modern use.

Feb 7


Episode 7

Out Of The Ashes

The team replace a log home lost to wildfires. They bring with them a cabin they built last year, but it's no easy feat to get it up a narrow...

Feb 8


Episode 8

Barn Storming: A Wild Takedown

Mark and the crew have fought rain, snow and heat, but never winds like these. The vicious Ohio winds turn a complicated job into a treacherous one.

Feb 9


Episode 9

Saving More Than Logs

The team go the extra mile to save the antique logs from a Tennessee home. During the job they meet Larry, who grew up in the log cabin with no...

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Barnwood Gold Mine

Mark finds a perfectly preserved bank barn in Pennsylvania. He also visits an incredible bank barn that has been completely renovated into a high-end home.

Coming Soon

Episode 11

Mark Finds His Dream Home Barn

After years of searching, Mark has found the barn home he wants for himself. Mark also visits a barn that has been transformed into a wedding venue.

Coming Soon

Episode 12

Barnwood Doubleheader

Mark splits up the crew so they can take care of two separate jobs: a quality log cabin and a tobacco barn with plenty of antique material worth salvaging.

Jan 26


Episode 13

Foldable Cabin

Mark brings one of his ideas to life, a foldable steel cabin. The crew experiments with a timber frame facade and adds a barnwood interior to finish it off in...