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4th February


About The Show

Mark Bowe and his crew of West Virginia master craftsmen salvage antique barns and cabins, reusing the wood to create stunning, modern homes.


Episode 1

Rebuilding Grandma's Cabin

Mark and the team travel to Montana to rebuild Grandma's cabin from last year. They give the 150-year old home a new life as a cliff-side lodge.

Episode 2

Building The New England Barn

Mark and the team take on their biggest build yet. They resurrect the massive New England timber frame from last year as a family retreat.

Episode 3

Saving A Rare Log Springhouse

The team wade in the water to save a dilapidated springhouse. Johnny and Tim go exploring while Mark and Graham clean up the spring.

Episode 4

Rebuilding The 100% Cabin

The team take the 100% cabin to South Carolina where they rebuild it as a hunting cabin. They also work with the client's kids to build a camping cabin.

Episode 5

Saving A Hand-Hewn Cabin

Mark and the team explore a perfect pioneer settlement. They save the classic log cabin and repurpose the rare hand-cut sandstone chimney.

Episode 6

Salvaging Rose's Cabin

The team have to build their own road to reach an overgrown cabin. The previous owner never finished it, so the team complete the job for her daughter.

Episode 7

Building A Double Pen Log Rental

The team build a huge double pen log cabin on a platform 13 feet off the ground. This will be the master suite on a high-end vacation rental.

Episode 8

Reclaiming A One-Room Schoolhouse

Mark and the team reclaim a rare one-room log schoolhouse full of history. Back on the boneyard, the schoolhouse gets a whole new life.

Episode 9

Rocky Mountain Cabin

The team bring an Appalachian-style cabin to Colorado. At the Canyon of the Ancients Ranch, they explore the stacked stone ruins of the ancestral Puebloans.

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