Episode 1

Midnight Raid

After a midnight call out the crew are shocked to find a grim menagerie of hundreds of birds, roosters and dogs. Have they been bred for fighting?

Episode 2

Undercover Sting

Animal Cops come to the rescue of a desperate cat stuck down a drain deep underground. Plus, they help an abandoned dog in danger of freezing to death.

Episode 3

A Fresh Start

Animal Cops discover a Doberman in an alarming state; its claws are so long they've grown into the pads of its feet. The dog is rescued but can its leg...

Episode 4

Zeus' Battle For Survival

It's touch and go for German shepherd Zeus as the Animal Cops medical team work through the night to remove a collar embedded in his neck.

Episode 5

Machete Attack

A shocking machete attack on a puppy leaves the medical team fighting to save his life. The Animal Cops embark on the hunt for his attacker.

Episode 6

Hole-in-the-Neck Cat

The team is shocked by a cat's horrific injury. When the Animal Cops hunt for the offender they find more animals suffering in awful conditions.

Episode 7

Helping Hands

An emaciated dog is brought into the centre weighing only a third of a healthy bodyweight, and the team quickly discovers its owner also needs their urgent help.

Episode 8

Chained Dogs

An undercover investigation leads the team to a shocking discovery: eight dogs tied to metal chains as well as dog-fighting paraphernalia, illegal drugs and a gun.

Episode 9

Bonnie and Clyde

A shocking case of animal cruelty arrives at the Pennsylvania SPCA: a Labrador named Clyde has been attacked by another dog and left without veterinary care.

Episode 10

Rescued Just In Time

When a husky with a deep wound on its neck is rescued, Pennsylvania SPCA vet Dr Rachel Lee is determined to save him.

Episode 11

Puppy Mills Exposed

This special episode of Animal Cops Philadelphia exposes America's puppy mills: large scale commercial breeding kennels where standards are poor.

Episode 12

Cat Killer

A dog is brought in with its hair so matted it can hardly see, and a man is suspected of violence towards three cats.

Episode 13

Horse Rescue

Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA are horrified to discover a dead horse and thirteen others living in deplorable conditions at a farm in North Pennsylvania.

Episode 14

Urban Puppy Mill

Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA mount a sting on a man suspected of breeding puppies in a basement in the centre of Philadelphia.

Episode 15

House of Horrors

Officers from the Pennsylvania SPCA respond to a call concerning abandoned animals. But nothing can prepare them for what they discover inside a kitchen fridge.

Episode 16


When Philadelphia police uncover a massive dog-fighting operation, the Pennsylvania SPCA is called in to investigate, leading to a grisly exhumation in a front yard.

Episode 17

Cat Crisis

Officers move in to close down a shelter housing hundreds of cats. Some of the animals are already dead and the team must act quickly to save the others.

Episode 18


When trainee agent Derrick Schlitter responds to an emergency call in north Philadelphia, he ends up seeking justice for a puppy left dead in a backyard.

Episode 19


When officers raid an illegal cockfighting ring, the quest for justice uncovers a shocking case of deliberate cruelty. But the bird's owner denies any wrongdoing.

Episode 20

Special Edition: Agents in Training

In this special edition, join the rookies to discover what it is like learning to fight crime in one of the toughest cities in the US.

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