Episode 1

Bear Rescue

Wildlife agents are called out to rescue a black bear that has been hit by a car. Meanwhile, investigators confront the owner of an illegal pig slaughter operation.

Episode 2

Caught in the Act

When a CCTV camera films a man beating a cat, investigators have to catch him. Neglect leaves two dogs near death and owls are rescued from a demolition site.

Episode 3

Miami Menagerie

A mission becomes personal when Miami's animal cruelty investigators find two adopted dogs wandering the city streets in need of help.

Episode 4


There's heartbreak as investigator Labrada fights to save a poorly dog that's been rejected by its owners. Plus, a young girl rescues a horse left without food or water.

Episode 5

Biggest Rescue Ever

Investigators brave alligator-infested waters to help save an injured alligator. Meanwhile, 400 farm animals are rescued in Miami's biggest ever seizure!

Episode 6

Manatee Rescue

A dramatic rescue to save a manatee's flipper uncovers a secret. Meanwhile, Investigator Casadevall is hunting for poachers who've left several cattle dead.

Episode 7

Race for Life

Investigators are determined to get justice for a neglected dog and her puppy. Plus, Investigator Casadevall rushes to help some dogs suffering in the Miami heat.

Episode 8

Hunt for a Serial Killer

The bodies of pet cats are being discovered - killed and mutilated by human hand. Animal Services Investigators join the police hunt for the sick killer.

Episode 9

Thirst for Life

Investigators find a young puppy suffering without water or shelter. Meanwhile, a tourist attraction has an unwanted visitor - a wild alligator.

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