About The Show

Why do dogs make great friends, how can you tell when a dog feels guilty, how do dogs have fun, and which is the cutest dog in the world?


Episode 1

Cat: Snuggle Kitties

Meet a cute cat that has mastered the classic shell game and later, a feline that escapes from the neighbour's dog on a surf board.

Episode 2

Dog: Happy Hounds

Does your dog talk? Can your pooch climb a tree like a cat? America's Cutest Dog has found the most amazing dog videos on the web.

Episode 4

Dog: Pooch Power

Meet adorable mutts who are all about having fun in the water, pooches who make incredibly funny faces and dogs that are so possessive, they are cute.

Episode 5

Cat: Kitty Love

Meet some felines who are so wacky they seem dazed and cute, and witness cats and the humans they barely tolerate. Plus, see videos of felines just kitten around.

Episode 6

Dog: Pub Stars

Meet mutts who think they're pup stars and check out the pooches with the most moxie. Plus, meet dogs that are so sleepy, they're cute.

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