Episode 1

Floppy-Footed Pit Bull

Amanda takes in two new rescues. She treats a nine-month-old pit bull with a fractured jaw and a four-month-old Dalmatian with an eye condition.

Episode 2

Professor Clovis And The Hamburglar

A miniature schnauzer with a suspected liver shunt needs complicated and costly surgery. Plus, Amanda prepares a blind puppy for his new home.

Episode 3

Aloha Dog Rescue

Amanda and her kids travel to Hawaii where they meet dogs perfect for Panda Paws. She comes home with a blind puppy and a senior dog in need of some...

Episode 4

Super Scootie The Super Senior

Amanda finds forever homes for her Hawaiian rescues. Super Scootie has malformed legs amongst an array of other health issues and needs help fast!

Episode 5

One-Eyed Rottweiler

Amanda travels to California to pick up at least four new dogs. She comes home with a rottweiler with a severe eye-injury and two small puppies with no ears.

Episode 6

It's Raining Cats!

An energetic kitten faces being put down after breaking its leg for the second time. Plus, a tiny kitten born with malformed front legs and needs urgent care.

Episode 7

Pit-Bull And Panda

Amanda and Tia Torres rescue a three-legged Shepherd-mix as part of a road trip rescue mission. Plus, she picks up 16 strays including a puppy with a brain issue.

Episode 8

Happily Everly After

A member of Amanda's TV crew wants to adopt a Frenchie from a puppy mill. Plus, a lab mix needs daily physical therapy for a brain disorder.

Episode 9

All Paws On Deck

Amanda faces one of her most challenging rescues when a puppy arrives with serious neurological issues. Plus, a Chihuahua terrier mix bounces back from an injury.

Episode 10

Frenchie Fix

Amanda teams up with Tia Torres to help a Great Dane with a serious brain issue. Plus, she meets a French bulldog whose medical condition is quickly deteriorating.

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