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Why did Boeing 737s, the world’s busiest planes, suffer three fatal crashes? Engineers revisit their investigation. Contains reconstructions of accidents.


Episode 1

Instrument Confusion

How did a routine landing for a Boeing 777 go so terribly wrong, with three fatalities and many injured - was it a mechanical fault or pilot error?

Episode 2

Disastrous Descents

In 1998 the public were promised a first-look at the Airbus A320, a revolutionary airplane. The first commercial fly-by-wire plane crashed - but how and why?

Episode 3

Incredible Causes

In Canada on 12th December 1985, a plane crashed less than 1 mile after take-off. All 256 passengers onboard died, but what caused this aircraft tragedy?

Episode 4

Emergency Landings

Landing without power, running out of fuel or birds flying into the engine are all a test of pilot skill and nerve. How do pilots cope with emergency landings?

Episode 5

Nevada Triangle

A deadly force in the Sierra Nevada mountains has claimed countless lives. What makes this particular area so dangerous for people travelling by air?

Episode 6

Flying Blind

Airplane collisions are an incredibly rare but devastating event. With so much free space to manoeuvre and airspace tightly controlled, how do they happen?

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