The Last Alaskans


The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is one of the most remote areas in the United States – and there are few remaining Alaskans permitted to dwell within the 19 million acres. Surviving 400 miles from civilization, join the families overcoming harsh arctic conditions and fierce wildlife in one of earth’s last great wildernesses

Heimo, Charlie, Tyler and their loved ones provide a raw and unbiased exploration into the unique rituals of life in Alaska’s untouched countryside.

The short summer was a tough one for the last Alaskans, as wildfires destroyed much of their trapping territory. Heimo and his daughter Krin teach novice Scott the tricks of the trapping trade, while Tyler and Ashley adjust to new parenthood while coping with the damage to their traplines.

Meanwhile, Charlie also faces a hard season as his traplines were almost entirely destroyed. It’s going to be a difficult struggle over the long winter, but if anyone can overcome it, it’s these hardy souls..