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4th February


About The Show

It’s fall in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and that means the caribou are migrating. Plus, a bear ransacks a cabin, creating a food shortage.


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Episode 1

Hit The Ground Hunting

The families prepare for the trapping season. Charlie assesses the damage caused by summer's wildfires. Heimo and Edna struggle to find game birds for dinner.

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Episode 2

The Price Of Freedom

Winter is one month away so it's prep time. Charlie's fire-damaged trap line means a tough season ahead, so he preps hard and hunts for his winter meat.

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Episode 3

Two Kills

Tyler and Ashley hope to get some modern amenities by installing a well in their cabin for easy access to water. Heimo takes Krin and Scott caribou hunting.

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Episode 4

No Regrets

After four decades of adventure, trapper and woodsman Bob Harte has passed away. Heimo boats down to Bob's homestead to collect mementos for Bob's family.

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Episode 5

The Hunter Is Hunted

With winter fast approaching, it's moose hunting season for the families. Krin is determined to kill a moose, after trying unsuccessfully for 17 years.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

Now Or Never

Tyler and Dustin build a smokehouse and go hunting for moose meat to fill it with. Nancy and Talisha make a pilgrimage to Bob's cabin to scatter his ashes.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

Hard Choices

The long winter has arrived and trapping season has begun. Charlie is offered a lifeline by an old friend after the summer fire destroyed his trapline.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

Never Gets Easier

Tyler takes a break from his line to help at home and spend time with Sydney. Krin heads out to check her traps and finds more than she was looking...

Coming Soon

Episode 9

Biting Back

It's almost the end of trapping season, but the work is not done. Heimo is trapping for beaver, while Scott is using his new skills to try and snare marten.

Coming Soon

Episode 10

Laying Down Their Legacy

Grateful for the chance Bob gave him, Charlie is working hard on Bob's old lines. The Seldens and Nelsons are packing up to leave after a successful season.