Episode 1

The Road

Villagers face a new threat as outsiders descend on sacred hunting grounds. Charlie and James track a moose and make a disturbing discovery, and a vital spring dries up.

Episode 2


As a new road opens Tanana to the outside world, Charlie confronts and outsider in his own family. Meanwhile, Tanana native, Lorraine, recovers after critical surgery.

Episode 3

Boiling Point

When a mum tries teaching her daughter the native ways it becomes a lesson in survival. And one local trapper finds his ancestral lands have been invaded.

Episode 4

Less Than Zero

Villagers race to prepare for an early cold snap. Stan uses Yukon engineering to make a risky repair to his truck while Charlie tries to stop a deadly fire.

Episode 5

Running On Empty

The countdown to the dark days causes a mad dash for food. Chris and Jessi venture onto thin ice to net whitefish while Pat turns to the town dump to...

Episode 6

Art Of The Eel

With the dark days approaching, Chris and Jessi use Yukon ingenuity to bring light to the Cosna. Stan goes trapping with his dog team, but his dogs have other plans.

Episode 7

Dog Days Of Winter

Charlie fights to save Tanana's water supply with help from a fellow villager. Chris Morse's father Stuart returns to help build a key piece of infrastructure.

Episode 8

Escape Plan

A storm destroys the Morse's supply of food, turning their Alaskan dream into a nightmare. Stan Zuray builds a survival shelter for a dicey stretch of the new road.

Episode 9

End Of The Road

While Charlie Wright seeks help from a local gold miner to repair his bear-ravaged cabin, the Morse's search for salvation turns into a fight for their lives.

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