Episode 1

Welcome to the Garden

It's the beginning of the outdoor marijuana growing season and that means the cops will be on the lookout for illegal grows popping up in the emerald triangle.

Episode 2

Smuggler's Blues

Disgraced dispensary owner Matt arrives in the Emerald Triangle in search of some premium weed. But when grower Nate shows up, Matt leaves almost empty handed.

Episode 3


After finding his farm was ripped up, Nate is forced to turn to an old friend so he can keep working on a treatment using cannabis for an epilepsy sufferer.

Episode 4

Unarmed and Dangerous

Mike Boutin finds out that his bank account has been closed and his gun permit has been revoked. Are the authorities putting him under investigation?

Episode 5

Evil Around the Corner

A dispute with the neighbours escalates and Mike and Tawni are visited by a police officer, who informs Mike that he is in violation of Federal Law.

Episode 6

Harvest Hell

The Sheriff's Departments are teaming up to take down the biggest grow of the season and Shotwell arrives at Mike's house to pick up some game-changing weed.

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