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16th December



Coming Soon

Episode 1

Dick Turpin

Donning the three-cornered hat, Vic Reeves travels back to the early 18th century to meet the most famous highwayman of them all.

Coming Soon

Episode 2


Vic meets Blackbeard and, amongst all the blood and gore, finds a pirate loved by his crew and by virtually every woman he met.

Coming Soon

Episode 3

Rob Roy

Skein du in hand Vic Reeves' ventures into the highlands of the early 18th century to meet the most famous Scot of them all Rob Roy McGregor.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

Jonathan Wild

Vic meets the 18th-century gangland boss, who makes Tony Soprano look like a priest. However, his public persona was somewhat different.

Dec 16


Episode 5

Captain Kidd

Vic meets Captain Kidd, the man who almost brought down the British Empire. His fall from grace is a tale of mutiny, murder and deceit.

Dec 16


Episode 6

Claude Du Vall

Vic finds out that Claude Du Vall, the mould on which our image of every English highwayman is built, was in fact French.

Dec 17


Episode 7

Anne and Mary

Vic meets Anne Bonny and Mary Read; tough pirates who showed their breasts before killing a man, a final insult to say you've been killed by a woman.

Dec 18


Episode 8

Deacon Brodie

Vic meets Deacon Brodie, who was so besotted with the 18th century's equivalent of The Sopranos that he began to act out the fantasy in real life.

Dec 19


Episode 9

George Ransley

Imagine a smuggler so successful that a whole army is set up to keep him in check. Vic meets George Ransley, head of a huge criminal empire.

Dec 20


Episode 10

Colonel Blood

Vic meets Colonel Blood, the man who stole the crown jewels, it was a crime rewarded not with the chop but a nice estate in Ireland and pension.