Episode 1

Dick Turpin

Donning the three-cornered hat, Vic Reeves travels back to the early 18th century to meet the most famous highwayman of them all.

Episode 2


Vic meets Blackbeard and, amongst all the blood and gore, finds a pirate loved by his crew and by virtually every woman he met.

Episode 3

Rob Roy

Skein du in hand Vic Reeves' ventures into the highlands of the early 18th century to meet the most famous Scot of them all Rob Roy McGregor.

Episode 4

Jonathan Wild

Vic meets the 18th-century gangland boss, who makes Tony Soprano look like a priest. However, his public persona was somewhat different.

Episode 5

Captain Kidd

Vic meets Captain Kidd, the man who almost brought down the British Empire. His fall from grace is a tale of mutiny, murder and deceit.

Episode 6

Claude Du Vall

Vic finds out that Claude Du Vall, the mould on which our image of every English highwayman is built, was in fact French.

Episode 7

Anne and Mary

Vic meets Anne Bonny and Mary Read; tough pirates who showed their breasts before killing a man, a final insult to say you've been killed by a woman.

Episode 8

Deacon Brodie

Vic meets Deacon Brodie, who was so besotted with the 18th century's equivalent of The Sopranos that he began to act out the fantasy in real life.

Episode 9

George Ransley

Imagine a smuggler so successful that a whole army is set up to keep him in check. Vic meets George Ransley, head of a huge criminal empire.

Episode 10

Colonel Blood

Vic meets Colonel Blood, the man who stole the crown jewels, it was a crime rewarded not with the chop but a nice estate in Ireland and pension.

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