Episode 1

Grave Diagnosis

A teenager is rushed into ER after an iron fence impales her neck. A man thinks he's turning into a vampire and a physician helps a critically ill pregnant woman.

Episode 2

Foreign Objects

The ER becomes a crime scene when one patient arrives with intense belly pain. Plus, Dr Sidhu is bewildered when a family have heart attacks on the same day.

Episode 3

Gunshot Affair

Two patients arrive with seemingly unrelated gunshot wounds, but police uncover the bizarre truth. Plus, a nurse unravels when a critical patient comes into ER - why?

Episode 4

Heart Stings

A woman's thigh is impaled whilst renovating her home. And a man brings his apparently motionless and catatonic girlfriend into the ER, in a case that baffles doctors.

Episode 5

Skin Deep

When a man with a hand injury passes out from abdominal pain, tests lead to a shocking discovery. And the ER is overrun with delirious Civil War re-enactment soldiers.

Episode 6

Blackout, Bleedout

A wrist fracture becomes a medical mystery and a cheerleader with a sprained finger nearly dies of an unexpected cause. Plus, a power outage causes chaos.

Episode 7

Fire In The Hole

The hospital is on lockdown when a nurse is shot! A bride arrives in an unexplained altered mental state, and a teenager and her sister are in a car crash.

Episode 8

End Zone

A teenager football player suffers a stroke in the ER. Plus, a doctor tries to solve the mysterious abdominal pains of a patient and a man is run over by...

Episode 9

Thin Red Line

A doctor with a severe bee allergy is stung while treating a critical patient who's been stabbed in the eye. Plus, a paramedic is struck with a mysterious illness.

Episode 10

Law And Disorder

An apparent drive-by shooting victim is missing his nose. Meanwhile, a girl deteriorates before her family's eyes from a severe case of meningitis.

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