Episode 1

Catch Up Special

Long Island nail artist Lexi Martone shares everything that happened with her family and their salon last season, from wild nail requests to a marriage proposal.

Episode 1

A New Beginning

A devastating loss hits the Martone family as sisters Lexi and Bria and their mum Jennifer work together to reopen the salon after being closed due to the pandemic.

Episode 2

Where's The Money?

The financial mess of Big Mike's passing and the pandemic puts Bria's fairytale wedding at risk. And, a client has a unique request for her daughter's birthday.

Episode 3

Party On?

Bria and Matt are dealt some shocking news that leaves the wedding hanging in the balance. At the salon, Lexi tackles a set of mermaid nails.

Episode 4

Bad Business

When the salon has trouble making rent, Jen asks Lexi to step it up, which leads to a mother-daughter blow up. And, Bria remains distracted by her personal life.

Episode 5

The Maid Of Horror

Jen and Lexi fight about financial tensions at the salon. Bria focuses on throwing an extravagant bridal shower as Lexi works on a challenging 3D nail set.

Episode 6

Making Moves

Lexi goes on a blind date, and Bria and Matt move into their new home. Lexi's client has a big request for artwork-inspired nails that has her and Jen heading...

Episode 7

Worried Sick

Overwhelmed and overworked, Lexi reaches her breaking point. Jen organises a glamping trip for the staff to try and help boost the morale!

Episode 8

Castles And Dragons

As Jennifer gets tested for COVID-19, Lexi and Bria have a major argument. Will Lexi decide to attend her sister's wedding or will she miss the big day?

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