About The Show

Urban explorer Justin Fornal uses detailed historical maps along with high-tech imaging to investigate mysteries that have remained elusive to others.


Episode 1

Ghost Ship Of The Damned

Justin and Emiliano investigate a historical English ship filled with stolen treasures that has long been rumoured to be buried deep in a California desert.

Episode 2

Curse Of Superstition Mountains

Justin and Emiliano investigate a legendary lost mine in the mountains of Arizona. It is said to contain over 200 million dollars' worth of gold.

Episode 3

Knights Templar In America

Justin and Emiliano investigate the possibility that the Knights Templar fled Europe and rebuilt their order in the Americas a century before Columbus.

Episode 4

Killing Meriwether Lewis

Justin and Emiliano investigate an international conspiracy involving the highest levels of government. Could this prove Meriwether Lewis was assassinated?

Episode 5

Mystery Of The American Maya

Justin and Emiliano scan the Florida landscape and dive in waters teaming with alligators as they try to unravel the mystery of the Mayan empire's fate.

Episode 6

Hunt For The Ark Of The Covenant

Justin and Emiliano use clues in biblical maps to guide them through the Holy Land, Egypt, and Ethiopia in search of the Ark of the Covenant.

Episode 7

Egypt's Land Of The Gods

Justin and Emiliano dive in the Red Sea in search of a shipwreck and artefacts potentially leading to a mysterious ancient Egyptian society.

Episode 8

Finding The Fountain Of Youth

Hidden messages in a 500-year-old map lead Justin and Emiliano to Florida and Arkansas in search of a source of water said to grant eternal life.

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