Episode 1

Every Aspect Matters

Roo's persona, Flori, is pursued by an experienced predator. She also receives messages from a man who works in what should be a safe space for children.

Episode 2

Two Lies for every Truth

With every truth the team gets from "Kevin," a predator on their radar, comes another lie. Roo and her team must decipher the real from the make-believe.

Episode 3

Who Can You Trust

Flori meets "The Candyman," whose tactics have the team believing he could be dangerous. A new predator wastes no time contacting Roo's latest persona, Natalie.

Episode 4

Pattern of Behavior

The team create an of-age persona to get more information out of an adult who's been contacting Flori. A shocking discovery leaves the team feeling blindsided.

Episode 5

A Barrage Of Messages

Flori is approached by a man who admits to committing crimes involving minors in the past, and Matt and Shelby attempt to confirm another predator's address.

Episode 6

The Dark Web

Flori is targeted by an alleged 17-year-old interested in her for child pornography. After he disappears, she is approached by a man with suspiciously similar tactics.

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