Episode 1


When the bodies of the McStay family are found in the desert, Chase Merritt is accused of the crime. The trial begins with each side passionately presenting their case.

Episode 2

The Missed Call

A witness upends the Merritt murder trial. Plus, Merritt's girlfriend gives him an alibi, but the prosecution attempts to discredit her on the witness stand.

Episode 3

The Killer's Truck

Police investigate other suspects, including a business associate and an ex-boyfriend. Plus, surveillance video of a truck near the scene may reveal the killer.

Episode 4

The Desert Ping

Merritt's phone pings near the desert graves. Prosecutors suggest he tried to delete financial records to cover his tracks. A lawyer suddenly leaves the trial.

Episode 5

Where's Dan?

New DNA found in the graves may reveal who murdered the McStays. And, the defence questions Joseph's brother on his whereabouts at the time of the murders.

Episode 6

The Verdict

If Merritt testifies, the jurors will learn about his criminal past. The defence and prosecution present their final arguments with closing statements.

Episode 7

Stay Out Of Dodge

Merritt believes an expert witness can prove phone records placing him at the gravesite are "impossible." Plus, another key figure in the case emerges.

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