Episode 1

Smoky Mountain Murder

A custody battle turns deadly as twin sisters craft a complicated conspiracy. How will detectives untangle this haunting web of lies?

Episode 2

Her Own Medicine

Two tight-knit sisters fall out over an inheritance from their mother. Years later, one of the sisters dies a painful and mysterious death.

Episode 3

The Old River Road

Sisters Janice and Betty plot a murder and its cover-up. Their plan has a fatal flaw, however, as they leave the victim lying by the side of the road.

Episode 4

The Good Sister

Sisters Debbie and Barbara have lived together for nearly 40 years. But a substantial inheritance disturbs their peace and pits one sister against the other.

Episode 5

A Song For Sarra

Sarra is devastated when it's suspected that her oldest sister is the victim of a Long Island serial killer. She suffers a tragic and deadly decline.

Episode 6

Cold As Ice

Family, friends and investigators recount the most provocative crimes ever committed by the unlikeliest of pairs: sisters. How and why do they descend into darkness?

Episode 7

House Rules

Two sisters with little in common cope with their overly protective mother in very different ways and, in the end, with very deadly consequences.

Episode 8

The Patio Door

In Illinois, a bitter sibling rivalry takes a dark turn when one sister recruits a local gang to take part in a deadly game of pay back.

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