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Next Up


9th December



Dec 14


Episode 1

The Bandit Is Back

Scott restores a 1978 Bandit, but gets held up by problematic T-tops. Tod pushes his team to deliver two brand new Trans Ams to an eccentric Florida couple.

Dec 17


Episode 2

Two Bandits, One Race

Sibling rivalry results in a street race to see whose Trans Am is faster: a 1978 Bandit that Scott is building for a client, or a new car from Tod's...

Dec 9


Episode 3

The Vista Bruiser

Scott takes a gamble when he puts a new SLX motor into a 1970 Vista Cruiser against a customer's wishes. The customization of a new Trans Am also causes problems.

Dec 10


Episode 4


Scott's big gamble on a Vista Cruiser could leave him on the hook for $100K. Todd plans the future at Worldwide, adding a Trans Am Super Duty to their production...

Dec 11


Episode 5

Double Duty

Scott rebuilds a rare 1974 Super Duty Trans Am for an owner that wants to race. At Worldwide, the future is on the line when Tod encounters problems with his...

Dec 12


Episode 6

Unveiling The Future

Tod and the team battle one setback after another on their new model Super Duty. Meanwhile, Scott and his crew also have problems finishing the 1973 version.