Episode 1

Footballers' Special

Matt and Mick get their gear ready to go out fishing with some famous footballing faces.

Episode 2

Carp At Furnace Mill

Matt and Mick try a range of surface fishing techniques in an attempt to catch some Carp at Furnace Mill Fishery.

Episode 3

Conger Eel In Plymouth

Matt and Mick use bait and the fly to try and catch a conger eel, a first for Mick who has never fished for eel before.

Episode 4

Tench on Horseshoe Lake

Open Ended Feeder, Quiver Tip and PVA bags are the techniques chosen by Matt and Mick as they fish for tench on Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire

Episode 5

Trout at Blithfield Reservoir

Matt and Mick catch many trout as they demonstrate three different fly-fishing techniques during a day at Blithfield Reservoir, in Staffordshire.

Episode 6

Carp at Monument Lake

Demonstrating a variety of modern Carp fishing techniques, Matt and Mickattempt to net some of the legendary 30lb carp which swim the Monument Lake.

Episode 7

Pike at Chew Valley Lake

Chew Valley Lake near Bristol is home to a few Pike. In order to catch them, Matt and Mick decide on Fly Fishing as their method of choice.

Episode 8

Trout At Anglers Paradise

Matt and Mick go fly fishing at Anglers Paradise and set out to land some impressive trout.

Episode 9

Carp & Tench At Horseshoe Lake

Feeder Fishing is Matt and Mick's method of choice. They go in search of carp and tench at Horseshoe Lake.

Episode 10

Pike & Perch On The River Severn

Matt and Mick go in search of Pike and perch on the River Severn near Upton in Worcestershire.

Episode 11

Carp At Anglers Paradise

Matt and Mick fish for trout at Anglers Paradise. Matt speaks to Zig about trout lakes plus there are many hints and tips from our regular experts.

Episode 12

Mullet in Plymouth

Matt and Mick fish for mullet in Plymouth. Mick tries out his fly fishing techniques and Matt speaks to Mullet expert Martin Larkin

Episode 13

Carp At The Avenue

Matt talks to Rob Hales about fishing at The Avenue. Mick catches a mirror carp whilst Matt has a fight on his hands when he catches a 26 pounder!

Episode 14

Episode 14

Series presented by Matt Hayes, with his fisherman friend Matt Brown. Looking back at highlights from the series.

Episode 15

Episode 15

Fishing series, presented by Matt Hayes and accompanied by Mick Brown. Highlights from the series, featuring a reminder of those hints and tips.

Episode 16

Episode 16

Highlights showing the best parts of Matt and Mick's fishing adventures, featuring a reminder of those hints and tips.

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