Episode 1

Running With The Devil

Three years after a young mother goes missing in Florida, an inmate is ready to confess. But detectives uncover a key witness who's hiding a big secret.

Episode 2

The Monkey On My Back

When Police Investigator Jim Horton interviews Gary Evans, he makes an unlikely friend of the infamous burglar. But is their bond built on trust or treachery?

Episode 3

When A Killer Calls

Christmas night takes a violent turn when a teenager is found brutally murdered. Detective Mike Terry puts his own life on the line to bring the family justice.

Episode 4

The Real Tim Wicks

When a missing person report spirals into a murder case, Detective Kent Schoonover must first crack a complex case of stolen identity to solve the investigation.

Episode 5

In Broad Daylight

After a beloved florist is found dead, police fear a killer may be on the loose. But how does this crafty criminal always manage to stay one step ahead?

Episode 6

All Hands On Deck

After a missing persons case takes a deadly turn, detectives hunt for one man. But when the killer surfaces, an arrest isn't as simple as it first seems.

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