Episode 1

Deadly Business

Robert Henry, an executive in Tacoma, is murdered in 1995 by a masked gunman. His wife tells police she thinks he was killed by a former business associate.

Episode 2

Roadside Murder

When Theresa Wesolowski is killed in 1999, police are baffled for nearly 10 years. They get a break in the case when a new DNA technique identifies a colleague.

Episode 3

Almost Home

When Gayle Isleib is shot dead in 1996, police identify a co-worker. Evidence is found of stalking, plans to kidnap her, murder her husband and love poems to Gayle.

Episode 4

Screaming Terror

When Alice Hufnagle is raped and murdered in 2002, police initially question her estranged husband. But, clues eventually lead to her colleague at a local pharmacy.

Episode 5

Deadly Delivery

Sandy Berfield is killed after suffering years of harassment from a co-worker and has him jailed for violating a restraining order. Released, he sends her a bomb.

Episode 6

Flowers In The Lake

When Leesa Nascimento is killed by a shot in the head, a recently sacked co-worker, is traced after evidence is found that ties him to the murder.