Episode 1

Schooled In Murder

A lunch break becomes a nightmare for two secretaries who vanish in broad daylight. One woman is found dead, launching a desperate search for her missing friend.

Episode 2

Carpool Predator

An employee of an exotic wildlife park vanishes. As the search for the missing woman intensifies, investigators fear that the predator responsible is not an animal.

Episode 3

Danger Travels

A retail store employee's crush on his manager escalates into an obsession. When she moves state, the stalker tracks her down to carry out a twist plan.

Episode 4

Pressure Point

A massage therapist from Virginia Beach disappears before work. Weeks later, a cyclist makes a discovery that will rock the town and change lives forever.

Episode 5

Fatal Fraud

A mother forces her boyfriend to go to the police about his role in an insurance fraud scheme. However, this good deed will soon lead to her family's destruction.

Episode 6

Hostage To Greed

The brutal murder of a legal secretary leaves police with few clues to follow. Then, a co-worker's alibi falls apart to reveal a callous conspiracy of greed.

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