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Coming Soon

Episode 1

All's Fair In Love And War

The family confront Pedro after they hear about the trip to the Dominican Republic. Plus, Pedro and Nicole discuss a big secret they've kept from Chantel.

Coming Soon

Episode 2

How To Come To America

After a family counselling session, old feuds are reignited. Plus, Jah reveals a secret to Winter and Chantel confronts Pedro after discovering shocking news!

Coming Soon

Episode 3

The Truth Comes Out

Chantel and Karen decide to hire a private investigator to look into Winter's secretive boyfriend, Jah. Plus, Pedro joins Thomas and River on a boys' weekend.

Coming Soon

Episode 4

It's All Crashing Down

The private investigator discovers shocking news about Jah, so they decide to confront him. Pedro, Thomas and River are forced to face their issues head on.

Coming Soon

Episode 5

Pack Your Bags

Pedro's sister reveals their grandma is sick and he must visit her. When Karen hears Chantel is going too, she invites the family - but a shocking secret awaits.

Coming Soon

Episode 6

The Fight To Get Along

Chantel's family joins Pedro and Chantel in the Dominican Republic. Trying to save their marriage, they get their families together, but it turns explosive.

Coming Soon

Episode 7

The Last Supper

After a tense exchange, Chantel and Pedro plan to unite their feuding families. Chantel confronts Pedro's mum and Pedro faces off with Obed to get the truth.

Coming Soon

Episode 8

What Are Your Intentions?

Chantel's family make a surprising decision about visiting Pedro's family. And when Chantel confronts Coraima, insults aren't the only things being thrown.