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The drama continues with this explosive family. Can Chantel and Pedro put aside their families’ ongoing feud and make their tumultuous relationship work?


Episode 1

Home Is Where The Tension Is

Chantel and Pedro discover cracks in the foundation of their marriage. Meanwhile, Winter prepares to undergo bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico.

Episode 2

No Turning Back Now

Chantel and Karen are on pins and needles while Winter undergoes surgery. And, Nicole gets tough love from a coach helping her to prep for the pageant.

Episode 3

On The Chin

Nicole meets with a doctor to better her chances at winning the pageant. Plus, Chantel heads back home, and Pedro and Nicole are locked in their fight.

Episode 4

No Ninos Or Ninas

Chantel throws a housewarming party to fix her marital troubles, but her plans backfire. Meanwhile in the Dominican Republic, the pageant has finally arrived.

Episode 5

Unusual And Highly Suspect

Winter turns to Chantel for dating advice. Pedro's attempt at avoiding tension at home blows up in his face. Alejandro shows up unannounced.

Episode 6

You Should Be Thanking Me

Karen and River question Pedro about his recent clash with Chantel. Plus, Winter's love life blossoms, and Pedro reaches out to his mum for advice.

Episode 7

Dirty Laundry

As Pedro and Chantel drift further apart, Nicole and Alejandro grow closer together. Plus, Chantel and Pedro have a fiery confrontation in front of his co-workers.

Episode 8

Recipe For Disaster

With Pedro set on the idea of separation, Chantel comes up with a startling plan to try to save their marriage. Plus, Nicole processes tragic news.

Episode 9

Can I Come In?

Chantel secretly heads to the Dominican Republic to try to mend her relationship with Lidia. Pedro thinks she's at a conference, until his mum tells him the truth.

Episode 10

What Are You Doing Here?

Pedro arrives in the Dominican Republic and confronts Chantel about lying to him, and Lidia suggests herself as a mediator between Pedro and Chantel.

Episode 11

Like A Lawyer

Mediation with Lidia does not go the way any of them expected. Alejandro fulfils a promise to Nicole. Chantel comes clean to Karen about the state of her marriage.

Episode 12

Not So Separate Separation

Chantel and Pedro attempt to live under the same roof as a separated couple, Alejandro gives Nicole an ultimatum, and Pedro visits an attorney.

Episode 13

Hot Pursuit

Pedro moves out of the house after asking Chantel for a divorce. When Pedro discovers Chantel has run off after emptying their bank account, he sets out to find her.

Episode 14

The End Of Forever

Winter and Karen move into the house as Chantel realises her life with Pedro may be over. Hitting his breaking point, Pedro makes a big decision.

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