Episode 1

Evil In East Texas

Billy Staton and his fiancé Leticia Castro vanish. The discovery of a burnt-out car and a shock confession reveal a deceit only a secret recording can untangle.

Episode 2

No Remorse

Robin Sowders is brutally beaten in his home and dies from his injuries. After his wife's surprising appearance at the police station, a wiretap reveals the truth.

Episode 3

Message From The Grave

Michelle Despinasse is shot in her own home and dies from her injuries. In her final moments she made a secret recording that reveals her killer's identity.

Episode 4

Killer Reputation

Dr Margo Prade is shot to death in the parking lot of her own medical practice in Akron, Ohio. Police discover her phone calls were being secretly recorded.

Episode 5

Buried At The Ranch

When Michael Humphreys and Sandra Walton are gunned down, detectives don't know who the intended victim was - until they find recordings of phone conversations.

Episode 6

Lake Of Lies

When Sharon Garrison's family report her missing, there's evidence to suggest she left town. But a set of secret cassette tapes point to something far more sinister.

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