Episode 1

The Fake Cancer Scammer

£45,000 is donated to help fund lifesaving cancer treatment for 39-year-old Nicole Elkabbas. But a photograph raises suspicions that everything is a lie.

Episode 2

The Fake Funeral Fraud

Dozens of families spent thousands on funeral plans from Stevenson Funeral Directors to prepare for their future. Little did they know it was a scam.

Episode 3

The Wedding Planner Scammer

Couples are devastated when their big day is ruined by wedding planner scammer Dana Twidale. She conned dozens of couples before going on the run.

Episode 4

The Million Pound Swindler

Wayne Johncock is scammed out of £180,000 by his neighbour, Rajesh Ghedia. As Ghedia's lies unravel, police discover that Wayne is not his only victim.

Episode 5

The Holiday Hoaxer

When Paul Stocks is scammed by a bogus travel agent, he soon realised he was part of a huge holiday scam involving hundreds of victims and over a million pounds.

Episode 6

The Fake Love Rat

When Sue Hughes falls Ste, she sends him £100,000 to help with his cancer treatment. Sue's life falls apart when she discovers that everything is a lie.

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