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A rescue mission sees the brothers surrounded by Nile crocs. Plus, Stephen must face his fears to tackle the farm’s most fiendish snake – can he handle it?


Episode 1

Partners In Slime

New York barman Stephen joins his snake farming, reptile-wrestling brother Robbie in the swamps. But will an angry alligator send him running back to the city?

Episode 2

Sex And The Single Gator

Robbie needs to catch a rogue male alligator that is maiming and killing rivals in the swamp - but is Stephen up to helping him tackle this 14ft monster?

Episode 3

That's the Big One

The brothers finally hunt down the monster bull alligator killing its rivals in the swamp - but how are they going to bring this angry 1000lb beast in?

Episode 4

A Croc Walks Into A Swamp

A valuable Cuban crocodile needs medical care after being bitten by a mate. And Stephen is unhappy to hear he must play bait to trap a leopard.

Episode 5

Everything's Bigger In Texas

Robbie must put his hand into the belly of the beast when a crocodile swallows something unsavoury. Plus, how will a gorilla behave at the dentist?

Episode 6

Long Necks and Short Fuses

The brothers are back at the Texas zoo to help an injured giraffe return to its herd and move a giant Galapagos tortoise. But can they work together?

Episode 7

The Straw that Broke the Camel's Back

The brothers tend to a stubborn camel that needs holistic healing, and an early morning call puts Stephen's knowledge of snakes to the test.

Episode 8

Up A Swamp With One Paddle

The brothers must clear a canal of venomous snakes, but is Stephen ready to face his fears? Plus, a mission to trap gator hatchlings runs into trouble.

Episode 9

No Crocodile Tears On This Farm

It's pest control day and Stephen isn't happy to hear he has to catch racer snakes. Will he prefer his next task - tagging angry crocodiles?

Episode 10

Crocs Gone Wild

A deadly rattlesnake is at large on the farm. Plus, Robbie's in trouble when an angry Cuban crocodile escapes its noose and chases him - can Stephen catch it?

Episode 11

Potbelly Pedicure

Robbie and Stephen try to catch and sedate giant potbelly pigs for a pedicure and Robbie removes a gator from a popular swimming area.

Episode 12

Grin and 'Bear' it

When a Cuban Croc sneaks out of his pen to rendezvous with a 10 foot female gator, it's up to the brothers to catch him, before he catches anyone else.

Episode 13

Sex, Jaws and Gator Rolls

The brothers answer a distress call - but will they be able to trap the 10 foot alligator bothering fishermen? Plus, snakes are reported at a campsite.

Episode 14

Three-Legged Gator Race

Saving lives one venomous snake at a time. Stephen learns the art of milking a snake from Robbie and the owner of Reptile Discovery Center.

Episode 15

Pimpin' Out The Croc

The brothers have to catch a Croc to meet a Croc in the hopes of making a love connection. And, they need to separate their venomous snakes from the non-venomous...

Episode 16

When Coco Met Lucy

Robbie has loaned his female croc Lucy to a neighbouring farm but she is fighting instead of mating with the stud Coco - can they work out what's wrong?

Episode 17

Extreme Pond Makeover

A rescue mission sees the brothers surrounded by Nile crocs. Plus, Stephen must face his fears to tackle the farm's most fiendish snake - can he handle it?

Episode 18

Branding And Expanding

The brothers battle some angry crocs; and then head to an animal park where a massive alligator needs a check-up - can they wrestle it to its appointment?

Episode 19

Model Misbehaviour

The brothers must round up 20 gators - but when Stephen drops his pole their mission runs into trouble. Plus, models come to the farm to pose with the snakes.

Episode 20

Thunder Claps and Gator Traps

Robbie brings Stephen along to help a neighbour in need. And, while mending a fence, Stephen spots some dangerous Glades Herp escapees.

Episode 21

Karma's A Bull

The brothers hunt a massive bull gator that's been on the run since Hurricane Katrina, and on the farm a huge beast with a bad attitude has Stephen in his...

Episode 22

Reptile Room Service

When two of the biggest alligators don't come up for feeding Robbie worries that they are fighting instead of breeding; and Stephen is panicked by a python.

Episode 23

Crouching Keszey, Hidden Gator

A gators in the wrong pond so Robbie wades in after it; and a tough job takes a lethal turn, forcing Stephen to rethink his role - will he quit?

Episode 24

The Brotherhood of the Swamp

After a big argument, the Keszey brothers are not on speaking terms. Meanwhile, Al takes Stephen on the hunting excursion of a lifetime.

Episode 25

Snake Bites And Croc Fights

John makes a triumphant return, taking Stephen on his first snake hunt of the day. Then, the brothers attempt another crocodile love connection.

Episode 26

The Smell Of Death Surrounds You

With a storm on the horizon, it's a race against time to collect gator eggs. Plus, a putrid smell grabs the attention of the Keszey Brothers.

Episode 27

For Love And Boar

While on the way to Miami to purchase a Siamese Croc, Robbie and Stephen get a call from JP. There are wild hogs on the farm, and they need to...

Episode 28

Once Bitten

The Keszey Brothers need to move an injured gator into a safer home. Meanwhile, to make a few bucks, the boys help out a local reptile farmer.

Episode 30

Special Delivery

Stephen gets a hot lead on a male Siamese Croc to breed with their new female. Later, the Keszey Brothers get their hands on four new exotic crocs.

Episode 31

The Good, The Bad And The Bloody

When shots are fired on the farm, the staff head to the marsh in search of intruders. The next day, the animal welfare check brings a new discovery.

Episode 32

When It Rains, It Pours

The boys borrow a male American Croc to mate with their female. Robbie gets word of West Nile Virus on a nearby farm, and he fears it could spread.

Episode 33

If a Tree Falls in the Swamp...

A fallen tree crushes a fence, releasing a huge gator into a nearby pond. In his attempt to capture him, Stephen finds himself sinking fast.

Episode 34

Last Resort

After hatching a plan to breed exotic crocs to bring in more money to the farm, the Keszey Brothers are devastated to find their latest crop of eggs has been...

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