Episode 1

Are We Heir Yet?

David Howe makes a huge discovery - he's heir to the throne of the Isle of Man. The American moves his family 3000 miles to find out what it means...

Episode 2

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, One King in a Tub

The Howe's first day on the Isle of Man brings them face-to-face with sceptical locals. It's sink or swim for King Drew at the Tin Bath Race.

Episode 3

Royal Charm School

The Howes undertake etiquette training to woo the upper crust on the Isle of Man. But, their makeover alone may not impress the Isle's most influential family.

Episode 4

King of the Road

The Howes embark on an Isle RV trip but get an unexpected surprise. Drew realizes the family must move to the Isle permanently to be accepted as Royals.

Episode 5

You'll Always Be King of Our Family

With two weeks remaining on their adventure, Drew is feeling the pressure to cement his claim and convince Pam to permanently move to the isle.

Episode 6

A Job Fit for a King

The Howes take steps for a long-term move to the Isle. Income is at the top of their list, so Drew pitches himself as a "kingly" tourist attraction.

Episode 7

Home Is Where The Crown Is

The Howes' six weeks on the Isle are over, but are they ready to go? Drew, Pam and Grace host a Royal Garden Party as a last chance to impress...

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