Ascending Balkan Peaks: The Highest Mountains in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is overwhelmingly mountainous. In fact, the highest mountains in Bulgaria are among the tallest in the Balkan Peninsula. Want to know more? Read on.

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9 October 2023

Other than lowlands in the north and southeast, Bulgaria is overwhelmingly mountainous. The Balkan Mountains bisect the country, splitting its north from its south. But Bulgaria’s highest mountains are concentrated in the southwest region, where the Rhodope Mountain system has two of its westernmost ranges, Rila and Pirin. Separated by a pass known as the Predel saddle, both ranges are primarily granite, with elements of gneiss and marble. Not only do they host some of the biggest mountains of Bulgaria, but in the entire Balkan Peninsula.

Both Rila and Pirin are protected by various national parks and set in areas of extraordinary natural beauty. The landscape is interspersed with waterfalls and glacial lakes, coniferous forests, alpine meadows and caves. Many of Bulgaria’s biggest rivers have their sources in these mountains. The northern part of the Pirin range is even classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Meanwhile, Rila is famed for its 10th century monastery.

So, now we know where the tallest mountains in Bulgaria can be found, let’s get down to specifics, starting with the biggest peak of them all.


Snowcapped Musala mountains (Credit: Aleksandar Aleksovski / 500px via Getty Images)

Musala rises 9,597 feet above sea level, making it the highest peak in the Rila Mountains. And yet, this karst giant is not satisfied with this accolade, nor with being top of the list of Bulgaria’s highest mountains. No, Musala is the highest peak in the entire Balkan Peninsula. Its topographical prominence of 8,114 feet is also amongst the highest in Europe. Set within the Rila National Park, its slopes are forested with fir and pine trees and frequented by rare birds, whilst its summit is home to a retro relic; a 1960’s cosmic radiation station.


Vihren Peak, Pirin mountain, Bulgaria. (Credit: Maya Karkalicheva via Getty Images)

Set on the main ridge of the Pirin range is its highest peak and the second among the highest mountains in Bulgaria, the mountain of Vihren. Located within Pirin National Park overlooking the town of Bansko, this pyramid-shaped limestone monolith reaches some 9,560 feet above sea level, its slopes rich in alpine flora, including grasslands, herbaceous plants and lichens. As for fauna, there’s no shortage of birds and small mammals, particularly chamois.


Vihren and Kutelo peak at sunrise. (Credit: Maya Karkalicheva via Getty Images)

Another summit in the Pirin mountain range joins the list of Bulgaria’s highest mountains. With a peak elevation of 9,541 feet, Kutelo is the nation’s third highest mountain. Some might even say it takes fourth place as well. How? Kutelo has two peaks, separated by a small pass. And the lower of them is 9,538 feet above sea level. Edelweiss grows on its steep slopes, which also provide a habitat for chamois.

Malka Musala

Rila Mountain, Musalenski Lakes, Bulgaria. (Credit: sjhaytov via Getty Images)

Located to the north-east of Musala is a mountain whose name means “Lesser Musala”. Only a rocky ridge separates these two summits, both part of the Rila range. While it may be of a smaller stature than its namesake, with an altitude of 9,521 feet, Malka Musala is the second highest peak in Rila, and fourth in Bulgaria.

Banski Suhodol

The Banski Suhodol Glacieret in the Pirin Mountains of Bulgaria. (Credit: ralij via Getty Images)

Banski Suhodol, located in the Pirin Mountains’ northern section, holds its own among the tallest mountains in Bulgaria, rising to about 9,462 feet.

Botev Peak

Balkan Mountains (Credit: NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Of the highest mountains in Bulgaria, the tallest beyond the Pirin and Rila ranges is Botev Peak. Its summit reaches 7,795 ft above sea level, the highest of the Balkan Mountains. Found in Central Balkan National Park, the granite landform is set in the heart of the country.

The Biggest Mountains of Bulgaria

Autumn landscape from Pirin mountain national park, Bulgaria. (Credit: Maya Karkalicheva via Getty Images)

Bulgaria is a treasure trove of mountainous wonders. From the illustrious heights of Musala to the historical significance of Malka Musala, the tallest mountains in Bulgaria offer more than just stunning vistas – they narrate tales of the nation’s rich geographical and historical canvas. Their presence is a testament to the enduring allure and significance of Bulgaria’s landscape in the Balkan region.


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