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22nd September


About The Show

Stunning CGI animation and scientific missions explore the hidden secrets surrounding the origin and destiny of the universe, stripping planets, moons and galaxies layer by layer.


Episode 1

Supermassive Black Holes

The universe is full of supermassive black holes - now science is on the cusp of solving their biggest mysteries. How could their discovery impact mankind?

Episode 2

Extreme Stars

A look at how stars dominate the cosmos. Where did the first stars come from, and could their explosive deaths help forge the solar system?

Episode 3

Hunt For The Big Bang

A look at how the universe began. Scientists explore the fabric of the cosmos, using revolutionary new telescopes and computers to go back to the big bang.

Episode 4

Jupiter: The Sun's Secret Twin

Scientists at NASA's space mission, JUNO, explore Jupiter's long-held secrets, and unlock the mystery of intense radiation belts around the planet.

Episode 5

Mystery Of The Hidden Universe

Is there more to the Universe than meets the eye? Scientists in the UK, Italy and the United States hunt for so-called dark matter and dark energy.

Episode 6

Solar System: Hunt For The Missing Planet

Scientists think they've found a giant ninth planet in the far reaches of the solar system. They seek to unlock the secrets of its origins.